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            Qingdao Haolida Mechanic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao Jiaonan industrial city on the west coast, in tangent with three runs through the north-south high-speed, close to the convenience of the 204 National Highway. Founded in 1986, more than two decades of production experience, Mohua the process of cleaning the surface of the essence, created in the Chinese aircraft industry casting an important position to form a multi-species, with high technical content, product sales of big-cast machine production base, business The main economic and technical indicators for several years in a row with the UN resolution first in the industry, its main product --- surface cleaning equipment for more than 50% market share. Caster in the industry taking the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and import and export right.
           The company has a deep knowledge of these industries, the rich experience of experts and senior engineer, combined with the introduction of absorption of the United States, Switzerland, Germany and other countries of advanced technology set of clean-up blast, the local extension of the traditional production process and is committed to the development, innovation The new product mix and technology, promote the clean-up of the new blast of a new round of technological innovation. A large number of years the company has extensive practical experience in the ranks of skilled workers and the installation, after-sales service team, and throughout the country to set up 10 sales agencies, from the design, development, production and services, the entire process of comprehensive control, set up in person, Special, special equipment for quality testing process. China to shipbuilding, automotive, military, motorcycles, machine tools, and other industry provide an excellent package and in good faith.
           The main companies producing machinery and equipment cleaning, sand handling equipment such as the modeling industry, casting seven series. The main products through the plate-style, pre-Line Profile; preprocessing automatic steel surface line, H-shaped steel, blast cleaning machine components; chain hanging hook shot blasting machine cleaning; dual trip chain hanging blast cleaning machine; Desktop switch, the car shot left-cleaning machine; steel, rubber track Abrator; roller Abrator; sand processing line model; Series Mixer; powder sand transport equipment; bucket elevator and climb - Feeding machine; environmental protection equipment, dust, dust-bag, the dust-filter, dust collector series of environmental protection and so on; cupola, the hot metal package, and so on. According to the needs of customers and design and manufacture a variety of special aluminum alloy wheels clean-up clean-up machinery.
            The company will focus on personalized customer needs, adhering to the "done all fine," the concept of quality for vast numbers of old and new customers a more comprehensive, thoughtful, efficient service.
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